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Why are we the best choice?

In order to satisfy the customer`s needs, we are being recommended by:

- Competence - Founded in 1869, by polish and Austrian specialists, Electroputere VFU Pașcani has tradition of more than 148 years in the area of rolling stock.

 - Capability - Starting with 2004 the company realised more than 15 projects of reconstruction and modernisation of railway vehicles (more than 600 DMUs, trams, passenger coaches and freight wagons) for clients from Romania, Moldavia, Belgium, Gabon, Congo, Burkina Faso.

 - Capacity - In the last 6 years Electroputere VFU Pașcani had implemented an investment project of more than 30 million Euro, in technology, know-how and human resources.

What do we do?

The product strategy is oriented on:

Railway vehicles maintenance

Railway vehicles modernisation

Railway vehicles manufacturing

Subassemblies and spare parts

Services for rolling stock and related industries.

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Research - Development

The company Works together with the NATIONAL RESEARCH-DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE - FOR VEHICLES AND DEVICES FOR AGRICULTURE AND FOOD INDUSTRY - on the project "Increasing competitivity of ELECTROPUTERE VFU PASCANI SA through assimilation in manufacturing of an intelligent rolling system, for general and technological land transport" (code PN III- P2-2.1 - PTE-2016-0052, SRIET), project financed by "Unitatea Executivă pentru Finanțarea Învățământului Superior, a Cercetării, Dezvoltării și Inovării (UEFISCDI)".

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