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Tradition, quality, flexibility
Tradition, quality, flexibility
Evolution and strategy

According to EU Directive 440/1991 railway transport is a vital element of the Community transports area.

As the increase of railway traffic should be achieved without prejudicing the quality of transport services and taking into account environmental protection, S.C. Electroputere VFU S.A. Pascani implements Directive 2001/16 EC through its development strategy.

Products and services
  • Design, manufacturing, modernisation and repairing of passengers, mail and goods coaches.
  • Design, manufacturing sand repairing of pieces and subensembles for railway rolling material;
  • Maintenance services for rolling stocks in the period between repairs.
Research and Development project, in partnership with INMA Bucharest
Through the Governmental Decision no. 583 from 22nd of July 2015 it was approved the National Plan for Research and Development on the period of 2015-2020, named further as PNCDI III.
Public Transportation Day - in Timişoara