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Redesigned&Rebuilt TRAM
GT4 ARMONIA (Timisoara)
Redesigned&Rebuilt TRAM
GT4 ARMONIA (Timisoara)
Technical Characteristics
Gauge: 1.435 mm;
Maximum speed: 70 km/h;
Catenary Voltage: 600 V DC;
Total length: 18.380 mm;
Width: 2.310 mm;
Height (without pantograph): 3.700 mm;
Axle arrangement: Bo”+Bo”
Wheel diameter new/worn 680mm/590 mm;
Mass (empty): 24.300 kg;
Maximum axle load: 10 t.;
Transportation capacity: no. of seats 29; no. of standing passengers: 135 ( 6 pers/m2);
Passenger counting system;
Interior videosurveillance;
GPS positioning;
Breaking system with energy recovering.
- Modern design with glued windows and small degree of passing light;
- Lateral video system;
- Sound and video passenger informing system;
- Ergonomic and modern driving cabin with integrated systems for control, monitoring and diagnosis;
- Access for people with limited mobility: ramp with electro-hydraulic system;
- Lateral walls and roof – completely new, made of aluminum and PAFS;
- HVAC for passenger saloon and for the driver`s cabin;
- Lightning LED system, with long life and with small energy consumption, with the possibility of adjusting the intensity;
- Ergonomic seats, easy cleaning and with heating system.