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Green hexagon
Green hexagon
Technical Characteristics
Loading gauge UIC 505-1
Gauge 1435 mm
Length over the faces of non compressed buffers 24500 mm
Length of chassis between the front beams 23200 mm
Maximum exterior width of the coach case 2880 mm
Maximum height of the coach 4050 mm
Tare of the coach 43t +/- 0,51t
Maximum operation speed:
for Minden-Deutz with brake with shoes 140 km/h
Minim radius of the curve of entry:
on current track 150 m
on side track 80 m
Bogie - Type of bogie: Minden-Deutz
Axle base of bogie 2500 mm
Diameter of tread circle 0920 mm
Brake - Pneumatic brake system:
KE - GPR (for brake with shoes) Speed max.= 140 Km/h
Power supply
Input voltage: 1500 V/50 Hz
Output voltage: 3x400V/50Hz/45 KVA; 24 V d.c./6 KW
Output voltages plugs: 230V/50Hz/l KVA
Other devices: 230V/50Hz/6 KVA
Pb batteries with gel (with the reduced maintenance)
Capacity of battery : 420Ah/24Vd.c.
Fluorescent and with LEDs, 24 V d.c. End lamps with LEDs
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
Functioning of installation according to sheet UIC 553 Cooling with environment friendly cooling agent R134a Public address system
According to UIC 568 Communication between coaches
Achieved by the connector with 18 pins according to UIC 558 and UIC 556
Access doors with electric actuation with centralized command Inter-communication doors with electro-pneumatic actuation Saloon doors with hand actuation Windows
Fixed and folding with Al frame, thermopane glass with transparency degree 75%
Sanitary facility:
Two toilet facilities with vacuum
Two water tanks of 4001
Two retention tanks with 2001
Variant: toilet for physically disabled persons
Saloon with 60 sitting places - first class, series 10-31 and with 80 sitting places- second class, series 20-31 Equipment on board
Control and diagnosis electric board electric with train bus Air conditioning installation Video surveillance system Passenger information system:
2 display units with LEDs located at the exterior of the coach
3 display units with LEDs inside the coach (with passenger information visual system)
Public address system (with passenger information acoustic system) Electronic level indicator
Electric plugs 230V/50Hz/l KVA to each passenger Variants for all wagons: internet,GPS, WLAN Variants:
- wagons with lifting and descending platforms for physically disabled persons
- wagons with space for sport equipment (bicycles, skis)
- wagons with bar-bistro
- wagons with meeting room